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Our latest publication: Automatic Actionable Information Processing and Trust Management towards Safer Internet of Things

One of the goals of our activities under the VARIoT (Vulnerability and Attack Repository for IoT) project is to develop a database of information about vulnerabilities and exploits in the Internet of Things and make it publicly available. The article presents the results of our research aimed at building this database, i.e., how the information about vulnerabilities is obtained, standardized, aggregated and correlated as well as the way of enhancing and selecting IoT related data. We obtained and proved that previously existing databases provided various scopes of information, so there were no single and most comprehensive source of information. In addition, various sources present information about a vulnerability at different times—some of them are faster than others, and the differences in publication dates are significant. The results of our research show that aggregation of information from various sources can be very beneficial and has potential to enhance actionable value of information. We have also shown that introducing more sophisticated concepts, such as trust management and metainformation extraction based on artificial intelligence, could ensure a higher level of completeness of information as well as evaluate the usefulness and reliability of data.

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