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Presentation of VARIoT results at FIC 2022

Anna and Gregory got the opportunity to showcase the project’s results at the research and innovation booth (Masterclass), next to the European Commission booth, during last International Forum for Cybersecurity (FIC), on June 8th.

The room was packed and attentive to the details we provided about the different concrete results of the project spanning across all activities. We could mention NASK’s efforts to build an IoT vulnerability and exploit database, Shadowserver’s numerous campaigns of IoT device and protocol scanning, CIRCL’s activities around extending the MISP framework to share IoT firmware information and indicators of compromise (IoCs) about IoT, IMT’s research on IoT anomaly-based intrusion detection or MGEP’s IoT malware analysis. Of course, they also communicated on the numerous IoT security related datasets shared through the European Data Portal.

Attendees were able to ask questions during and after the Masterclass, fulfilling our objectives of disseminating and discussing VARIoT’s results.

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